We coordinate, promote and develop

StartUB! is the entity of the University of Barcelona responsible for coordinating, promoting and developing all activities related to entrepreneurship and its promotion. StartUB! can help you generate, promote and develop your entrepreneurial ideas and initiatives.

StartUB! offers a gateway to the capacities and instruments UB offers to support entrepreneurship among students, alumni, professors and researchers.

Our objective

The goal of StartUB! is to complement and enhance UB’s capabilities in the sphere of training, promoting entrepreneurship, and guiding and supporting entrepreneurial initiatives.

StartUB! Strategic pillars of action

The Barcelona Institut d’Emprenedoria (BIE) has 4 fundamental pillars of action which are set out in the strategic plan:


Desenvolupem solucions innovadores en l’àmbit personal, professional i també, mundial.


Fomentem una actitud creativa i proactiva. Per aconseguir grans resultats hem de sortir del camí marcat.


Volem millorar l’educació, el benestar i la qualitat de vida en el món a través del desenvolupament sostenible.


Creiem en la igualtat d’oportunitats i per això, hem de començar per millorar la situació personal i professional dels alumnes.

Our team

Claudio Cruz Cázares


Claudio is a Lecturer at the Department of Business of the University of Barcelona. He holds a doctorate from the Department of Economics and Business of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has more than eight years of experience in the fields of strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship. He has also developed research projects for the Government of Spain (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology) and for the European Commission (EIT Health and EURIS). He a keen mountain biker in his spare time.

Elena Maestre González

Deputy director

Elena is a collaborating professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. RN, Dietitian-Nutritionist specialized in ICT. Her research is focused on teaching innovation and gender aspects. She has worked as an external consultant in the food sector. She has participated in the incorporation of entrepreneurship in the curriculum of degrees and masters in the nursing school.

In recent years, she has carried out Innovation and Health projects within the framework of the EIT Health program and at the COIB’s ÍDIC. Divergent gamifier. The best way to end the day: “swim in the sea at any time of the year”.

Aïda Bravo Almirall

Business Developer

Aïda is an Associate Professor at the Department of Business of the University of Barcelona. She has always had links to the promotion of entrepreneurship and of university-entrepreneurship-society relations. She has participated in creating the University Entrepreneurship Network, implementing international summer schools and consolidating the UB Innovation Meetings. Her daughter has introduced her to what is now a shared passion for magic.

Anabel Úbeda Vila

Project Manager

Anabel is a graduate in Business Studies with professional experience in the training and consulting sector. She was also part of the team of two start-up companies. At StartUB! she coordinates support programmes for entrepreneurs. She likes to escape the city whenever she can.

Iria Louzao Riádigos

Communications Manager

Iria is a graduate in Audiovisual Communication and Nursing, and she also holds a Master’s in Music Therapy. She has participated in several audiovisual projects, as well as in ​​information and communication technologies in the university sphere. At StartUB! she is responsible for communication and social networks. She loves music, movies and summer.

Matheus Provinciali

Innovation Manager

Matheus Provinciali is an Associate Professor of Business Creation at the Department of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona. A professor on the Master’s in Sports Management, he also acts as a consultant on innovation and digital transformation in sports. He is a serial entrepreneur, and among other projects he has founded a startup, and an application for football fans. At StartUB he works as a mentor, coach, speaker and energizer. He is interested in developing ideas that can positively impact society. He loves to help launch projects: “I love getting things done – hands on!”