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TRINNO Final Conference

Interregional cooperation for digital innovation in traditional enterprises

TRINNO brings together 5 pro-active regions (4 learning /1 Advisory) to address a common challenge. In areas suffering from effects of the economic crisis, traditional industrial models cannot compete. Partners note the need for a dynamic business support system, helping enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs to apply benefits of digital innovation (digital manufacturing, Internet of things, big data, etc) to traditional sectors.

The overall objective is to promote competitiveness in EU regions through improving policy instruments for business support systems that focus on applying digital innovation in the local economy.

After almost five years, TRINNO project partners presented the results they have achieved during the final conference (on-line) on 25th November 2020.

Also, participants in the event were able to reflect on:

• Inspiration on how public policies can help traditional SMEs to innovate.

• Ideas on how to make the most of interregional cooperation

• Interaction and networking with partners, stakeholders and the Interreg Europe program

You can learn more about TRINNO on the project webpage and social media.

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