R materials available on the web

R courses and learning materials

Course Comments
R Course (Michael Lanchmann ) Includes database access
A short course in R Extensive treatment. Includes exercises
Introduction to Statistical computing with R John Fox's course
Introduction to R Thomas Girke's excellent materials. Worth to look at
Resources to help you learn R Collection of links from UCLA Academic Teaching Materials

Statistics courses using R

Course Comments
Use of R as a toolbox for mathematical statistics exploration The name says it all.
R introduction for Statistics

Complementary material for a Statistics course.
Good treatment for ANOVA and several experimental designs

Introduction to the design of experiments A few lab handouts show some howto's for ANOVA
Introductio to the design and analysis of experiments

An extensive set of scripts implementing all the methods and designs as described in Montgomery's book (1/chapter)

Statistical Computing Teaches the use of important tools for the statistician, such as Linux, emacs, Latex and, of course, R
Includes advanced aspects: package creation or debugging
Concepts in computing with data Tretas important topics difficult to find elsewhere such as regular expressions, GUI or CGI programming
Statistics with R Examples on the use of R for doing statistics.

Graphics in R

Course Comments
The R graphics gallery

Examples on the use of R for plotting graphics.
Many examples, some sophisticated ones.

R graphics basics: plot area, mar, oma, mfrow, mfcol Useful functions and complements. More OO than usual!
R graphics- 1st chapter of Paul Murrell's book  
Introduction to graphics in R A presentation by the R core team

Programming with R

Course Comments
Programming in R Several good manuals by Thomas Girke (UC Riverside)
Programming Statistical Applications with R John Fox's course. How to program interfaces for statistical analyses with R
R Software by Henrik Bergston Useful functions and complements. More OO than usual!

"Discipline-oriented" R courses

R and Bioconductor

Course Comments
Introduction to R and Bioconductor Thomas Girke's excellent materials. Worth to look at
Bioconductors workshops The main place for links to Bioconductor materials
e-learning courses for microarray data analysis Free resource from the NKFZ wich teaches great courses

R in Ecology

Course Comments
Ecological Models and Data in R The web site of a course and the associated book
R labs for vegetation ecologists  
Statistics for environmental sciences A course of statistics that uses R
A Practical Guide to Common Ecological Analyses in R  
ade4: Analyses des Données Ecologiques avec R Universite de Lyon-Site devoted to the ad4 package