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"The statistic has become an effective method to accurately describe the data values in economic, political, social, psychological, medical, biological and physical as a tool to correlate and analyze data. The statistical work is not only to obtain, collect or tabulate the data, but on the whole process of interpreting that information alone or with other specialists. Nowadays is impossible to understand the Information Society without statistical concern is the current status of mathematics and specifically of statistics and their subsequent translation into society because of its indispensability despite a lack of vocation among young people study and use, either by its mathematical difficulty, ignorance or other reasons. This article aims to reflect on the importance of it in today's society that makes it good numerical reality" (Monleón T, 2010. The numerical treatment of reality. Reflections on the current importance of statistics in the Information Society. Arbor, Vol 186, No 743 (2010) pág 489-497) doi:10.3989/arbor.2010.743n1213).

Reseña de los autores (ARBOR Vol 186, Nº 743 (507-508))
Prof. Dr Toni Monleón-Getino
Profesor Lector (Assistant professor)
Dep of Statistics
University of Barcelona
Avda Diagonal 645
Fac Biology
Barcelona (Spain)