There is one opening for the following position:

A fellow who finished his/her curriculum in Life-Sciences (Pharmacy, Biology or Chemistry) after January 2018. The candidate will be eligible to apply for a fellowship for up to 3 years, associated to an ongoing Project within the Spanish Health National Program

Also there is one opening for a collaborating position: during 2018-2019 academic course, as a student of the last year of the curriculum or the Master thesis

The research task will include one of the following projects:

1) Studies of Gene Therapy using Polypurine Hairpins (PPRH)

2) Study of delivery of PPRHs into eukaryotes

  1. 3)Repair of point mutations in their endogenous locus in mammalian cells

  2. 4)Immunotherapy using PPRHs

  3. 5)Gene Silencing of Genes involved in Cancer

There is no dead-line for this application

People who would be interested, please contact Dr. Veronique Noé or Dr. Carles .J. Ciudad

Phone (93) 403-4455