There is one opening for the following position:

A fellow who finished his/her curriculum in Life-Sciences (Pharmacy, Biology or Chemistry) after January 2024. The candidate will be eligible to apply for a fellowship for up to 3 years, associated to an ongoing Project within the Spanish Health National Program

Also there is one opening for a collaborating position: during 2021-2022 academic course, as a student of the last year of the curriculum or the Master thesis

The research task will include one of the following projects:

1) Studies of Gene Therapy using Polypurine Hairpins (PPRH)

2) Study of delivery of PPRHs into eukaryotes

  1. 3)Gene Silencing of Genes involved in Cancer

There is no dead-line for this application

People who would be interested, please contact Dr. Veronique Noé or Dr. Carles .J. Ciudad

Phone (93) 403-4455