Research groups

Research Group on Moral Education (GREM)

The Research group on Moral Education was created in 1988, based loosely around the teaching of the UB subject with the same name and a range of research projects on ethics, education in values and school education. Since 1996 the group has been officially recognized by and held a quality distinction from the Generalitat de Catalunya. It is currently formed by twenty-three lecturers and ten research fellows and regulator collaborators.

GREM conducts research projects, develops teaching materials, and produces doctoral theses, studies and advisory papers, as well as providing master’s and doctoral tuition and lifelong learning courses in the following subject areas: education in values; service learning; ethical learning and university; participation, education and construction of citizenship; family and values; women and social exclusion; and literature and values. The group participates in projects with various research and education institutions and is involved in the work of European, Ibero-American and international networks.

Contact: Miquel Martínez Martín (, Josep Puig Rovira (

Research group Education to Overcome Inequalities (EDS)

EDS is a cross-disciplinary interuniversity group, officially recognized by the Generalitat, whose work is focused on the analysis of inequalities and the paths for overcoming inequalities through education. The group has extensive experience of collaborative work and scientific development across a range of programs and has contributed to promoting Catalan and Spanish research throughout the international scientific community, as well as playing an important role in the training of young researchers.

In the last five years the group has coordinated one Integrated Project under the Sixth EU Framework Programme (, seven official projects under the Spanish National Plans for R&D and Innovation for the periods 2004-2007 and 2008-2011, and several regional research projects funded by the Catalan government’s Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) and the Catalan Institute for Women. The group has published tens of articles in indexed national and international journals, including 20 articles indexed in the JCR (Journal Citation Report. ISI Web of Knowledge) in the last year alone.

The research group in Education to Overcomes Inequalities, directed by Dr Rosa Valls Carol, and Gender, Identity and Society (GIS) are the two government-backed research groups that form part of the Centre of Research in Theories and Practices that Overcome Inequalities (CREA).

Contact: Dr Rosa Valls Carol (

Virtual Teaching and Learning Research Group (GREAV)

GREAV is an interdepartmental research group focused on the analysis and study of teaching and learning in digital and mixed-mode learning environments, new educational practices and digital literacy. It was previously responsible for a doctoral program and is now behind a specific line of research in this area, as well as contributing to master’s degree courses. The group’s primary research objectives are mainly linked to the development of learning applications and environments and the study of teaching innovation processes for secondary and university education.

Its current projects include the creation of an e-portfolio platform, the use of digital storytelling at different educational levels, the development of a platform for generating and storing WebQuests, a project on the use of serious games engine in schools, and exploration of the educational uses of multiplatform storytelling.

GREAV, together with other research groups, contributes to the work of the Digital Education Observatory and is involved in co-publishing the journal Digital Education Review.
Links to websites and portals to which the group contributes:

Contact: José Luis Rodríguez Illera (

Other government-backed groups

Environments and Materials for Learning (EMA)

Coordinated by lecturers from the Department of Theory and History of Education and affiliated to the Institute of Education Sciences (visit website).

Contact: Prof. Begoña Gros Salvat (

Emerging research groups

Group on Social Pedagogy for Social Cohesion and Inclusion (GPS)

Contact: Prof. Jaume Trilla Bernet (

Group on Research and Innovation in Pedagogic and Social History and Thought (GRIHPPS)

Contact: Prof. Conrad Vilanou Torrano (