Representations of debt in recent Greek and German films

Lorena Fuster (University of Barcelona)

Among the different crisis of the sovereign debt and the so called European debt crises outstands the economical debt relation established between Greece and Germany. Starting out from the hypothesis that this relation has treats of exemplarity due, above all, to its profound roots in the past that exceed by far both the events of the present moment and the economical aspect, the sub-project focuses on the different indebtedness dynamics present in this common history and the current recreations and representations in the Greek and German films that try to deal with those processes.
The sub-project aims 1) at making emerge a constellation of meanings through analyzing from different perspectives and evaluations a variety of experiences of indebtedness both from the past and the present in the context of the relation Greece-Germany 2) to create an open ended narrative of the relation of those two countries through the lenses of debt.
In order to do so it will 1) map the different meanings and layers of the concept of debt through the accounts of debts (ontological, political, social, moral, cultural, technological debts) inscribed in the different episodes of the relation intertwined between those two countries during the last three centuries 2) to explore and give an account of how the recent Greek and German cinema recreate, represent and deal with the present and the past debt between the two countries in order to analyze the imaginaries displayed in those films.
The research will lead to two different kinds of outputs: analytic writings and a documentary made in collaboration with Xavier Artigas and Metromuster.