The 15th International Conference on Transport in Interacting Disordered Systems (TIDS15) will take place September 1-5, 2013 in Sant Feliu de Guíxols. The conference is a continuation of the biennial meeting traditionally called HRP (Hopping and Related Phenomena) and now named TIDS. Previous conferences took place in Trieste (1985), Bratislava (1987), Chapel Hill (1989), Marburg (1991), Glasgow (1993), Jerusalem (1995), Rackeve (1997), Murcia (1999), Shefayim (2001), Trieste (2003), Egmond aan Zee (2005), Marburg (2007), Rackeve (2009), and Acre (2011). Central to these conferences are systems lacking translational symmetry. In such systems interactions are often important. Dramatic differences in the behavior of crystalline solids and the "disordered" systems are possible. Some examples of the latter are amorphous materials, polymer aggregates, materials whose properties are governed by impurities, and biological systems.

TIDS15 is a Sponsored Conference of the European Physical Society.

Specific topics of the coming conference include: Hopping transport; Electron glasses and relation to other glassy systems; Anderson localization and many-body localization; Quantum glasses; Metal-insulator and superconductor-insulator transitions; Transport in nanoparticle assemblies; Disorder and interaction in cold atoms; Topological insulators; Transport in biological systems.

Previous conferences were notable for the pleasant atmosphere and fruitful exchange of ideas between theorists and experimentalists in these areas. With your contributions we hope to achieve the same at the forthcoming conference in Sant Feliu de Guíxols.

Download the TIDS15 conference poster.

The conference Bose-Einstein Condensation 2013 - Frontiers in Quantum Gases will take place September 7-13 at the same venue.

Important dates

 April 30:    Abstracts submission deadline
                    for contributed talks

 May 15:     Abstracts acceptance notification

 June 5:      Early registration deadline

 July 15:      Late registration deadline and
                    last day of guaranteed room

 August 28: Manuscript submission deadline

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