First Circular of the Second International Symposium on One Parent Families

First Circular

On the 27 and October 28, 2011, will be held in Barcelona the II International Symposium on One Parent Families. Challenges and Dilemmas in times of change. It’s  organized by TIIFAMO Network (International Thematic Research Network on One parent families), through one of its partners, the Interuniversity Group (GRC) Copolis. Community Welfare and Social Control, of the University of Barcelona.

The aim of the symposium is to create a space for meeting, exchange, reflection and discussion of all people and groups working in the field of one parent families, either from academic research, professional, politician, professional related to development and implementation of family public policy, or from the experience of living in these groups of family life. These seminars aim to promote multidisciplinary and multisectoral analysis of one parent families to view their realities and needs.

Its organization comission is coordinated by Elisabet Almeda y Dino Di Nella (Universitat de Barcelona), and its Cientific International Commitee by Sara Barrón (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina), Jonathan Bradshaw (York University, Reino Unido); Joaquina Erviti (Univesidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México), Eva Hönerlein (Max Planck Institut für Ausländisches und Internacionales Sozialrecht, Alemania), Gerardo Meil (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, España) and Núria Pumar (Universidad de Barcelona, España) .

The schedule calendar will prevent the provisional program by the July 20 and the final program on 20 September 2011. You can find updated information on this web site and on the