proyecto-invFrom the Interuniversity Group (SGR-178/2009) Copolis. Welfare, Community and Social Control, and within TIIFAMO Network, is promoting the implementation of a research project of international scope for the study of current and prospective situation of one parent families in Spain from a comparative perspective European and Latin American, entitled “One-parent families in the new century.”

The result of this research will be a greater awareness of the changes that are affecting single parents in this last decade: the demographic changes and profiles of one parents, the installation of the realities in the mass media and political agenda, in the local and national authorities of Spain, the highest incidence of local services and new technologies in their daily life, the strengthening of single parenthood in the academic and scientific fields or the emergence of a strong network of associations around one parent families.

Dándole continuidad al proyecto, en esta web se publican sus contribuciones, así como también se efectúa un seguimiento de las principales investigaciones y tesis sobre la temática, priorizando las producidas en países latinoamericanos e ibéricos (ver en el blog y en la Biblioteca).