TIIFAMO (2008-2017)


TIIFAMO (2008-2017)


Main goal


The main objective of the TIIFAMO Network is to consolidate and increase the number and quality of research on one parent families, and the scientific and social difussion of its outcomes, with the aim of stimulating the creation of more and better scientific knowledge, by articulating an international network of groups and individuals doing research on such issue.

Specific goals

  • Boost the interactions of different sectors –in especial universities, civil society organizations, businesses and public administrations- which are part of the area of action, study and work around one parent families, promoting the articulation and consolidation of research and the transfer of knowledge, thoughout the organization and participation in activities and spaces of exchange that create, transfer and apply new knowledge and improve the quality and quantity of these researches.
  • Review and exchange research, already finished or still in course, on one parent families, with a set of activities, such as meetings, seminars and publications, promoting the use of new technologies of information and communication.
  • Building a database and bibliography base on one parent families, for the use of those who do research in this area, and also to society in general.
  • Develop, promote and participate in curricular and extracurricular postgraduate university courses or extension training activities on one parent families.
  • Implement actions and programmes of scientific and social difussion.
  • Involving society, particularly one parent families, into the scientific and technological advances to allow and/or facilitate the resolution of social conflicts, the satisfaction of the rights, as well the assumption of the duties.

We hope that the establishment of the TIIFAMO Network will produce a series of scientific contributions of great significance for the one parent families:

  • It will state the social, economic and legal reality of one parent families, bearing in mind that this is still, a reality little known in society.
  • It will generate scientific knowledge useful to contribute to the “knowledge” and to the   new survival and welfare strategies for one parent families, as well as to the different meanings of lone parenthood.
  • It will improve the system of available statistics and indicators on one parent families from a comparative perspective.
  • It will display the impact of the precarious situation in which many one parent families still live, in their status of citizenship.
  • It will provide the adequate information for proposing family policies.
  • It will promote greater social awareness regarding their life circumstances, and hence greater attention from public institutions when it comes to implementing supportive measures, to prevent or mitigate the social exclusion which often involves lone parenthood.

The TIIFAMO Network is proposed as an intersectoral and interinstitutional space (universities, civil society, private sector and government) of research groups and individual researchers from different disciplines and social knowledge about one-parents families.

According to the Charter of the Organization and Functioning of TIIFAMO, approved 10/27/2011 in Barcelona, the Network is managed by a General Coordination, a Management Board and a plenary meeting of individual and collective members.


Currently, and since October 25, 2012, the Network is coordinated by Dino Di Nella, from the Research Group about Rights, Inclusion and Society, assigned to the National University of Rio Negro (Argentina).