IV Symposium -I Congress

The International Thematic Research Network on One-Parent Families -TIIFAMO – and the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Valencia, through the research group COPOLIS, organizes the IV Symposium and the I International Congress on one- parent families titled “One-parenthood under transformation, transformative one- parenthood” and held at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Valencia on February 5-6, 2015.
The central idea that drives this meeting consists on understanding the changes that are occurring in one-parent families as a result of decisions made by the majority of governments on the management of the current global economic crisis and the weakening of public welfare structures. Additionally, we also want to know how one-parent families are influencing our societies as well as which strategies of welfare its members are developing. We support a broad and integral perspective regarding the experience and response to the social changes that are taking place in recent decades in terms of welfare provision but also in relation to the transformative capacity of one-parent families.
The main objective of this symposium is to create a meeting space that encourages reflection and knowledge exchange among people and groups who work in the field of one-parent families through research, social intervention and/or policy making, as well those who experience one-parenthood. We perform this by innovating in our format. We wish to become a space that facilitates the sharing and dissemination of the advances regarding the profiles and living conditions of one-parent families that are occurring in both the academia and the social and political interventions. For this reason we encourage all of you that work in this filed to submit your communications.
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