Economic Modernity in the XXIst Century 3-5 October 2012

Europeans had pioneered the idea of market self-regulation as a pathway towards material affluence and lasting peace; however, this idea has been strongly contested in Europe at times, and furthermore, it has long not been found similarly convincing in other world-regions; in the current global constellation we have recently witnessed a return to the radical idea of market self-regulation after decades of embedded capitalism, but we are also witnessing a profound crisis with this most recent experience of a globally de-regulated economy.


Contributions to the conference will address the key questions of economic modernity that concern markets, democracy, and solidarity in the following ways:

– a review of the European (Western) experiences and interpretations of the question of economic modernity, including a review of European (Western) economic theories, under the angle of their specificity in the given context (thus “provincializing Europe”, to use Dipesh Chakrabarty’s term);

– an analysis of the experiences and interpretations of the question of economic modernity outside of Europe (the West), focusing in particular, but not exclusively, on sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America;

– an analysis of the specificity of the economic problématique of modernity under current conditions, thus focusing on the possible need for revising interpretations of markets and their preconditions that had been arrived at in earlier periods but appear less suitable in the current context of so-called globalization

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