PhD Seminars

PhD in Economics Students at the University of Barcelona organise a bimontly seminar. The purpose of this seminar is to provide a friendly academic environment in which PhD students can present their research proposals, advancements, field results, findings and benefit from peer criticism. The seminar is an opportunity to improve presentation skills, to get feedback from colleagues, to strengthen the PhD community, and to share our academic worries and questions in a constructive and warming meeting.


Unless otherwise noted, the seminars meet bimonthly on Fridays at 5:00pm in the Espais de Recerca (ERE). Check the Room on the seminars calendar. Each session will consist of 1 presentation, around 20 min, followed by a 10 min Q&A.


The order and date of each student’s presentations are determined by chronological confirmation. Student’s presentations have to be from different departments in each seminar.


We are always looking for presenters. If you are interested, please submit the preferred date to present, title of presentation and a short abstract (around 100 words) to Georgios Papadomichelakis, the seminar series organiser for the 2016/2017 academic year.



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19may201717:00Assessing the Effects of the Mexican War on Drugs on Economic Growth: An Empirical AnalysisMax Holst17:00 Activity:PhD seminar
20jan201717:00Shopping externalities and retail concentration: Evidence from Dutch shopping streetsIlias Pasidis (Universitat de Barcelona)17:00
2dec201617:00Oil volatility pass through and real exchange misalignment in leading commodity-exporting countriesNicola Rubino (Universitat de Barcelona)17:00 Activity:PhD seminar
18nov201617:00When are cartels more likely to be formed or broken? The role of business cyclesCarmen Garcia Galindo (European University Institute) - Invited Speaker17:00
4nov201617:00Evaluation of the Impact of Bus Rapid Transit on Air PollutionMax Holst17:00
15jul201617:00Patterns of Trade and IndustrializationTill Hollstein17:00
27may201617:00Is the supply of long-term debt independent of the term premia? Evidence from PortugalManish Singh17:00
13may201617:00Drought and CorruptionFrancisco Cavalcanti17:00
29apr201617:00The Olympic Spirit Boost: A Synthetic Control ApproachVinicius Barbosa (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) – Invited Speaker17:00
26feb201617:00PhD Seminar - Room 320 (ERE)Cesar Blanco17:00
20nov201517:00PhD Seminar - Room 320 (ERE)Valeria Bernardo17:00
6nov201517:00PhD Seminar - Room 320 (ERE)Athina Raftopoulou & Ilias Pasidis17:00
23oct201517:00PhD Seminar - Room 320 (ERE)Catarina Alvarez17:00 Activity:PhD seminar
9oct201517:00PhD Seminar - Room 320 (ERE)Thorsten Martin (University of Potsdam)17:00
2jul201516:00PhD Seminar - Room 320 (ERE)Francisco Cavalcanti & Germán Forero16:00
18jun201516:00PhD Seminar - Room 329 (ERE)Jorge Mario Uribe Gil16:00
4jun201516:00PhD Seminar - Room 329 (ERE)Ilias Pasidis & Nicola Rubino16:00
21may201516:00PhD Seminar - Room 329 (ERE)Catarina Alvarez16:00
7may201516:00PhD Semianr - Room 329 (ERE)Nicolás González Pampillón16:00
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