Vahagn Jerbashian

PhD in Economics 2013, CERGE-EI PhD in Mathematics 2011, SEUA MA in Economics 2009, CERGE-EI

vjerbashian@gmail.comPersonal webpage

Working Papers


The Impact of Doing Business Regulations on Investments in ICT

Jerbashian V, Kochanova A (2016)

Empirical Economics 50(3), 991-1008

Knowledge Licensing in a Model of R&D-driven Endogenous Growth

Jerbashian V (2016)

B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics 16(2), 555–579

Specific and General Human Capital in an Endogenous Growth Model

Jerbashian V, Slobodyan S, Vourvachaki E (2015)

Eastern European Economics 53(3), 167-204

Telecommunications Industry and Economic Growth: How its Market Structure Matters

Jerbashian V (2015)

Economic Modelling 51, 515–523

Functions of ω-Bounded Type in the Half-Plane

Jerbashian A, Jerbashian V (2007)

Computational Methods and Function Theory 7(1), 205-238.