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Studying temporarily at the UB
Studying temporarily
Further Information:

How you apply to study temporarily at the UB

To be accepted as a temporary visiting student at the UB you need to follow the steps described below:

1. Find out if your home university has a student exchange agreement with the University of Barcelona: Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundus, Global UB Mobility, Global Faculty UB, specific agreements with US universities, the Coimbra Group program, etc.

2. If your home university has no formal exchange agreement with the UB, you may submit an Individual Application.

3. Obtain authorization from your home university to participate in an exchange program at the UB.

4. Complete and send the online application form to the UB.

5. Once you have completed the online application form, printed and signed by a tutor from your university, you have to send it together with the supporting documents to the Manager of International Mobility in the faculty or school in which you wish to study.

6. Once accepted, you need to make the necessary arrangements for accommodation and to take out medical, accidents and repatriation insurance to cover your stay in Barcelona.

7. Upon your arrival at the UB, you will need to register at the faculty or school in which you will be studying.

8. You must register for those subjects that you have decided to study. Registration should be completed at the Secretary's Office for Students and Teaching Staff of your faculty or school.