Antoni Gaudí

Application from Antoni Gaudí Cornet for enrolment in the Faculty of Sciences for the academic year 1871-1872, dated 25 September 1871.

Written request for enrolment signed by Antoni Gaudí in the academic year 1871-1872 for the subjects of Geography, Geodesy, Physics and Natural History, taught in the then Faculty of Sciences at the University of Barcelona. Gaudí had to repeat the final year of his five-year degree programme in order to gain admission to the School of Architecture in 1874.

Antoni Gaudí graduated from the University of Barcelona's School of Architecture in 1878. Gaudí’s supervisor, Elias Rogent (his teacher and the architect of the Historic Building of the University of Barcelona) uttered these words when he presented Gaudí with his degree:

«We award this degree to a madman or a genius, only time will tell.»

Image: ES CAT-AUB 01 EA – Archive of the University of Barcelona