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López de Sa, Dan: ‘Is There Something Vague Objects Could Possibly Be?’ in draft

López de Sa, Dan: ‘Analytic Universalism,’ in draft

López de Sa, Dan: ‘Lewis vs Lewis on the Problem of the Many’, under consideration

López de Sa, Dan 2011: ‘What does it Take to Enter the Circumstance?’, forthcoming in Philosophical Studies

López de Sa, Dan 2010: “The Many Relativisms: Context, Index, and Beyond” in Hales (ed.), The Blackwell Companion to Relativism, Blackwell

López de Sa, Dan 2010: “The Makings of Truth: Realism, Response-Dependence, and Relativism”, in Pedersen & Wright (eds.), New Waves in Truth, Ashgate

López de Sa, Dan 2010: “How to Respond to Borderline Cases,” in R Dietz & S Moruzzi (eds.), Cuts and Clouds, OUP

López de Sa, Dan 2009: “Can One Get Bivalence from (Tarskian) Truth and Falsity?,” Canadian Journal of Philosophy 39, 273–82

López de Sa, Dan & Elia Zardini 2011: ‘No-No. Paradox and Consistency’, forthcoming in Analysis

Rosenkranz, Sven 2010: “Determinism, Open Future and Branching Time”, forthcoming in F. Correia & A. Iacona (eds), Around the Tree, Synthese Library.

Rosenkranz, Sven (with Fabrice Correia): ‘Eternal Facts in an Ageing Universe’, under consideration

Rosenkranz, Sven (with Fabrice Correia): As Time Goes By, to be published by Mentis

Williams, J. Robert G.: “Degree supervaluational logic” Review of Symbolic Logic (now available under first view)

Williams, J. Robert G.: “Gradational accuracy and non-classical logics,” under consideration

Williams, J. Robert G. "Truth and Money: dutch books and accuracy domination" under consideration.

Williams, J. Robert G. "Incomplete fictions" in draft.

Williams, J. Robert G.: “Chance and counterfactuals redux: reply to Dodd,” in draft

Williams, J. Robert G.: “Tenable conditionals,” in draft

Woodward, Richard (with Tatjana von Solodkoff): ‘Noneism and Fundamentality’
Woodward, Richard: ‘Worldmates and Internal Relatedness’

Woodward, Richard: ‘Towards Being’
Woodward, Richard: ‘Counterparts’, for Philosophy Compass
Woodward , Richard: ‘Counterparts for Actualists’

Zardini, Elia: ‘First-Order Tolerant Logics’

Zardini, Elia: ‘Luminosity and Vagueness’

Zardini, Elia: ‘Following-from and Transitivity’

Zardini, Elia: ‘Seconde Naïveté’

Zardini, Elia 2011: ‘Higher-Order Sorites Paradox’, forthcoming in The Journal of Philosophical Logic.

Zardini, Elia (with P. Sweeney) 2010: “Vagueness and Practical Interest,” forthcoming in Égré, P., Klinedinst, N. (eds), Vagueness and Language Use, Palgrave MacMillan, Basingstoke.


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