Visualization of scientific data and information rendering.


The goal of this research is to provide linguists with visualizations for analysing the results of their hate speech annotation. These visualizations consist of a set of interactive graphs for analysing the global distribution of annotated messages, finding relationships between features, and detecting inconsistencies in the annotation.

We used a corpus that includes 1,262 comments posted in response to different Spanish online new articles. The comments were annotated with features such as sarcasm, mockery, insult, improper language, constructively and argumentation, as well as with level of toxicity.

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Solar Radiation Pressure Visualization

Solar Radiation Pressure (SRP) is the force produced by the impact of sunlight photons on the surface of the spacecraft. This extra force, despite being small, plays an important role in trajectory design and orbit determination.

In this paper, we present an open-source tool that enables the user to compute high-fidelity approximations of SRP accelerations for a given spacecraft using ray-tracing techniques. The tool also allows the user to compare between different fidelity levels and different models like the N-plate or the cannonball, finding a trade-off on the SRP accuracy between computation time and accuracy.

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