Admission and pre-enrolment

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In accordance with Article 16 of ROYAL DECREE 1393/29 October 2007, students must hold ONE of the following qualifications to access university master’s degree courses:

  • an official Spanish degree;
  • a degree issued by a higher education institution within the European Higher Education Area framework that authorizes the holder, in the country of issue, to access master’s degree courses and university master’s degree courses.(officially translated);
  • a qualification from outside the framework of the European Higher Education Area. In this case, the qualification should be recognized as equivalent to an official Spanish degree. If it is not recognized, the University of Barcelona shall verify that it corresponds to a level of education that is equivalent to Spanish official degrees and that it enables the student, in the issuing country, to access university master’s degree courses. Admission does not imply, in any case, that prior qualifications have been recognized as equivalent to a Spanish master’s degree or for any purposes other than that of taking the master’s degree course.

Papers to be submitted by student applying without prior validation:

In all cases, the Coordination Committee will be the authority completing the procedure.

Note that an 'attested' copy (of any document) means a copy which has been officially approved as containing exactly what the original contains and which carries an official text testifying to this (further information) (in Catalan).

The University of Barcelona establishes the admission procedure for each master’s degree course. This procedure includes specific criteria, criteria for assessing merits and, in certain cases, specific prior training. Each master’s degree course has its own admission criteria, which can be found at its webpage. In all cases, admission will depend on the evaluation criteria established by the University and the master’s degree coordinators.


To access a university master’s degree course, students must first pre-enrol as part of the selection process. A file has been drawn up for each degree course, which contains information about the selection criteria, the evaluation of pre-enrolment, the pre-enrolment period and the registration period. In addition, the file will contain the contact details of the coordinators, who can provide further information.

In accordance with Article 17 of Royal Decree 1393/29 October 2007, students shall be admitted to a university master’s degree when and where they meet the specific requirements and merit assessment criteria. The university shall determine the admission requirements. These could include requirements for specific prior education, depending on the area of the master’s degree.

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