Doctoral Day 2014

Last February the 5th 2014 took place the Doctoral Day meeting at the University of Barcelona. Speakers and their works were the following ones:
1) Laura Carabotta (Universitat de Barcelona), Accuracy and econometric test: Analyzing national and international fiscal forecast in Italy
2) María Reyna Hernández (Universitat de Barcelona), Mexican Household expenditure patterns: Conspicuous Consumption, Investment on Education
3) Bushra Riaz (Universitat de Barcelona), Comparative Advantage, Exports and Economic Growth
4) Alicia Gómez Tello (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), Immigration and Productivity: a Spanish tale
5) Oriol Sabaté (Universitat de Barcelona), Do democracies spend less on the military? Spain as a long-term case study (1850-2009)
6) Sara Torregrosa (Universitat de Barcelona), Fiscal Revolution? Progressivity in the Spanish tax system, 1960 – 1990