Seminar NWO-ClioInfra

NWO-ClioInfra Workshop “Early Developments of Health and Education: Global and Regional Perspectives on the Pre-1800 Evidence” October 2-3, 2014

This workshop aims at bringing together scholars working with archaeological, archival and other sources in order to trace early developments. Health indicators such as height or longevity and educational indicators (literacy, numeracy) will be studied in their role for standards of living during the ancient, medieval and early modern era as well as their impact for later economic growth and human development.Can we identify deviations of health development from early income trends and levels, or the traditionally ‘perceived’ degree of development? Were there Impoverished Sophisticates, i.e. economies or regions which reached a surprisingly high educational level, but without a corresponding record of material well-being? Can the new empirical evidence inform us about general theories of human well-being and development?

The organizers are Nikola Koepke (Univ. Barcelona) and Joerg Baten (Univ. Tuebingen), supported by an international programme comittee. It takes place Oct 2-3, 2014. XREPP cosupports the event and XREPP members from the research group “Globalization, Economic Inequality and Public Policies in Historic Perspective (GRGDEP)

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