(Català) 10ª Edició del Fòrum d’Economia Social i Emprenedora (Campus Virtual) 03 de desembre.

The Social and Entrepreneurial Forum will be held on 3 December with the aim of introducing you to organizations, foundations and cooperatives in the Social Economy, sectors that, in addition to contributing socially, are potential ways of finding employment.

Do you want to volunteer? Or find internships in a social economy organization? Learn about the impact and initiatives of the different organizations involved.

The session will take place in a virtual format through the Professional Careers Campus.

To participate, you must register here


  • 10:00 Opening: Dr. Ramón Alemany, dean and Dra. Maite Vilalta, Vice-Rector for Equality and Social Action
  • 10.15 Lecture: “Social Economy in times of pandemic”, Dr. Joan Tugores Quer
  • 11:00 Gallery: Session Posters of the entities (open all day)
  • 11:00 Opening of chat forums: Ask a question to the Student Services? Or Ask a question about the entities?
  • 12:00 Presentation of the Caritas mention for the best TFG, 2018-2019 academic year and 2019-2020 academic year Colloquium “Social Economy and Entrepreneurship”, Moderated by Aida Bravo from StartUB
  • 14:00 Lecture: ApS Service Learning: External internships and TFG (October 24, 2019) Dr. Miquel Martinez

See you there!!