The Research Group on Moral Education from the Department of Theory and History of Education of the Faculty of Education of the UB (GREM) has received the international award Award Good Work, within the framework of the 44th AME Conference (Association for Moral Education), which has gathered more than 400 experts on education coming from 46 countries in Barcelona. The conference was organized by Maria Rosa Buxarrais (member of AME Executive Board) and Elena Noguera, in collaboration with lecturers from GREM and students of the Master’s degree in Citizenship and Values Education, who participated as volunteers.

Four lecturers received an award for the poster “Tecnología móvil y diseño participativo como vehículos de compromise cívico: hacia una facilitación de los procesos migratorios”. The awardees were the lecturers from the Faculty of Education Begoña Gros and Anna Escofet, members of the research group EMA, and Ana Ayuste and Montserrat Paya, members of GREM.

The opening conference, held in the Paranimph of the University of Barcelona, was given by the lecturer from the University of Missouri-St Louis, Marvin W. Berkowitz, Lawrence Kohlberg’s pupil, father of the theory of moral and psychosocial development and an internationally distinguished expert on value education.

Professor Wiel Veugelers, from the University of Humanistic Studies (Utrecht), gave the conference “Democracy and moral education: New challenges in a global and intercultural world”, to present the Erasmus+ EDIC project (Education Democracy Intercultural Citizenship), to create a joint résumé for Master degree students. Also, it provides students and lecturers of the master degree the chance to study (training and research) in the involved universities. The coordinator of the project at the Faculty of Education is the lecturer Maria Rosa Buxarrais.