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Third Edition of #ODS5 Cycle: Parlem de Gèneres, with Ale Oseguera and Laura Casielles

Taula rodona

Dimecres 17 març 2021 a les 18h

Universitat de Barcelona
Sessió virtual / Virtual session
Via Zoom
CARTELL (128.92 KB)

The UNESCO Chair for Women, Development and Cultures, directed by Mònica Rius Piniés (ADHUC—Universitat de Barcelona), holds its third edition of the #ODS5 Cycle: Parlem de Gèneres, which aims to shed light on invisibilized professions and to give voice to its protagonists from a gender perspective. On this occasion, Laura Casielles and Ale Oseguera —who combine writing, journalism and academic work, among other activities— will be debating about diversity in the areas they work in, and will be thinking about whether exposing oneself in so many arenas ends up involving a certain form of invisibility.

This activity is conceived according to the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS); more specifically with goal n. 5: to achieve gender equality. ODSs are include in the United Nation's 2030 Agendaand are a continuation of the Millenium Development Goals. Activity with the collaboration of ADHUC and the MA Program in Construction and Representation of Cultural Identities.

Open access. Registration via EventBrite.

Mònica Rius-Piniès
Laura Casielles,
Ale Oseguera
Càtedra UNESCO Dones, desenvolupament i cultures;
Màster en Construcció i Representació d'Identitats Culturals (CRIC)