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The souls of textiles

December 3, 2021 to June 3, 2022
Biblioteca Bernardini
Piazzetta Giosuè Carducci, 73100 Lecce
Cartell (5.89 MB)

The exhibition “Le anime del tessile”, curated by Elena Laurenzi (Seminari Filosofia i Gènere-ADHUC, Università del Salento) and Brizia Minerva is dedicated to the artistic, economic, social and cultural heritage of the women of the Viti de Marco-Starace family. It collects archival documents and textile artifacts found during the investigation. It exhibits portraits, photos of the environment, letters and private papers that allow us to reconstruct the life and personality of the protagonists and reconstruct the international plot in which their actions and enterprises are inserted. Along with the documents, the artifacts testify to their artistic and cultural activity linked to the valorization of textile artifacts. Noteworthy are the original lace models from the Casamassella School created by Carolina and Etta de Viti de Marco in 1901, certificates and diplomas accrediting the prizes received by the School on the occasion of the Universal Exhibitions of the time, technical drawings for the loom and original embroidery and weaving works.

This exhibition is a result of the project Archivio vivo. La memoria delle donne De Viti de Marco-Starace come risorsa per il territorio (REFIN - 1V3B578).