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Traduir/llegir Maria-Mercè Marçal i Alda Merini


Thursday December 15, 2016 from 12h to 14h

Aula 0.1, Edifici Josep Carner, pis 0 Facultat de Filologia, Universitat de Barcelona c/ Aribau 2 – 08007 Barcelona
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How do we trace desire in The Passion According to Renée Vivien? What is the experience of translating Merini’s The Holy Land into Catalan? Helena Buffery, expert in translation and Catalan Theater at the University College Cork, and Nora Albert, translator and writer, will deal with these questions in the seminar "Traduir/llegir Maria-Mercè Marçal i Alda Merini", coorganized by the Master in Construction and Representation of Cultural Identities (CRIC), Italian Studies (UB) and the research Center on Theory, Gender, Sexuality (ADHUC) from the Universitat de Barcelona. Attendance is free.

Nora Albert,
Helena Buffery
ADHUC-Centre de Recerca Teoria, gènere i sexualitat;
Màster en Construcció i Representació d'Identitats Culturals;
Estudis Italians, UB;
GRC Creació i pensament de les dones;
Càtedra UNESCO Dones, desenvolupament i cultures