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Violence and Vulnerability in Simone Weil

Conference Cicle

December 12 and 13, 2019

Sala de Juntes de la Facultat de Geografia i Història
C/ Montalegre 6 - 08001 Barcelona
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The Seminari Filosofia i Gènere—ADHUC organizes the first Weilian Seminar with the title "Violence and Vulnerability in Simone Weil". This seminar is the result of the research done by the Weilian Reading Group during the last two years; the group meets regularly to analyze texts written by Simone Weil. Group members will present the result of this work in a series of papers distributed in two groups and will focus in the works Weil wrote in Marseille, New York and London. In addition, two acknowledged experts in Simone Weil, Josep Otón and Alejandro del Río Herrmann, will present a lecture. This activity is part of the project "Vulnerability in Women's Philosophical Thought. Contributions to the Debate around Present Emergencies", PGC2018-094463-B-100 (MCIU/AEI/FEDER, UE).

Teresa Hoogeveen,
Andrea Pérez Fernández,
Pau Matheu Ribera
Joan Manel Garcia,
Mª Àngels García-Carpintero,
Joan Nogués,
Josep Otón,
Amanda de Pablo,
Oriol Quintana,
Carmen Revilla
Seminari Filosofia i Gènere;
ADHUC—Centre de Recerca Teoria, Gènere, Sexualitat;
VULFIL, PGC2018-094463-B-100 (MCIU/AEI/FEDER, UE)
In collaboration with
Departament de Filosofia;
Facultat de Filosofia;
Institut Català de les Dones