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Constructing New Masculinities: The Representation of Masculinity in the Literature and Cinema of the United States (1980-2003)

Data de inici
Data de finalització
Instituto de la Mujer (Ministerio del Trabajo y de Asuntos Sociales)
National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation
Research projects
Principal Investigator(s)
Àngels Carabí Ribera
(Centre Dona i Literatura-Universitat de Barcelona)
Research Team
Cristina Alsina
(Centre Dona i Literatura-Universitat de Barcelona)
Rodrigo Andrés
(Centre Dona i Literatura-Universitat de Barcelona)
Josep M. Armengol
(EIM-Universitat de Barcelona)
Michael Kimmel
(State University of New York)
Bárbara Ozieblo
(Universidad de Málaga)
William Phillips
(Universitat de Barcelona)
Victoria Sau
(Universitat de Barcelona)
Isabel Seguro
(Universitat de Barcelona; inv. en formació)

The goal of the project was to carry out an analysis of how the masculine gender has been represented in the literature and the cinema of the United States during the last twenty-five years, in order to study which models have been most influential in Western culture and to propose new visions of masculinity.