Diego Moreno Iglesias

Artsoundscapes team member Raquel Jiménez

Early Stage Researcher

Keywords: Architectural acoustics, environmental acoustics, virtual acoustics, acoustic simulations, acoustic modelling, acoustic mesaurements

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Diego Moreno Iglesias began his career as an acoustician at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, where he completed his BSc in Telecommunication Engineering specializing in sound and image. After graduating, he continued his studies in the Master on Acoustical Engineering at the same university with a scholarship granted by the Spain Acoustical Society.
His experience as a researcher began within the research group on Instrumentation and Applied Acoustics (I2A2) in Madrid as an intern while simultaneously carrying out his Bachelor Thesis and Master studies. During this time, he developed a strong interest in the fields of Architectural and Environmental Acoustics, integrating concepts such as preservation, intangible heritage, engineering and technology.
As an Early Stage Researcher within the ERC Artsoundscapes project at the University of Barcelona, under the supervision of Prof. Margarita Díaz-Andreu and Dr. Lidia Álvarez Morales, he is investigating the acoustical characterization of Palaeolithic caves and Levantine sites and landscapes.

  • Asensio, C.; Pavón, I; Ramos, C.; López, J.M.;  Pamiés,Y.;  Moreno, D.;  de Arcas, G. (2021). Estimation of the noise emissions generated by a single vehicle while driving. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, vol. 95, pp. 102865.