Participant during a neuroacoustics test at the Brainlab

Sound and music are able to arouse exceptionally strong emotions and reliably affect the mood of individuals. The reason for this lies in very specific neural responses to these stimuli. The purpose of the neuropsychological tests in the Artsoundscapes project is to characterize the brain activity patterns elicited by the sounds recorded in selected rock art landscapes, as per RL1, and to determine whether these rock art sound processing neural correlates are comparable to those associated with altered or mystical states. This will be accomplished by running a series of electroencephalographic (EEG) experiments. In separate experiments, features such as audibility, echolocation and some other more specific parameters will be manipulated to ascertain whether a particular acoustic property identified in the tested rock art soundscape is more powerful in inducing altered brain states close to transcendence or meditation.  These EEG experiments will be conducted in collaboration with Prof. Carles Escera at his Brainlab (