Andrea Schiavio – Situated musicality. Empirical and phenomenological approaches

7 May 2019
Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)

WHO: Andrea Schiavio, University of Graz, Austria

This talk will focus on recent empirical and theoretical approaches to music cognition, and explore lines of continuity between them. Having first considered novel “4E” views in the cognitive sciences (which see mind as Embodied, Embedded, Extended, and Enactive), their relevance for current theory and research on musical development is examined. This will lead to the presentation of recent experimental and phenomenological methodologies, which concern sensorimotor integration in infancy, memory for newly learned melodies in adults, and collective forms of musical making in non-musicians and experts. As such body of work emphasises the constitutive role of the situated body, and socio-material environment in driving musically relevant cognitive processes, it can stimulate important debates across a vast array of psychological, anthropological, musical, and philosophical disciplines.