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Scholarships and study grants
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Scholarships and study grants

If you do not already have a university qualification and would like to study at the UB, you can apply for one of the grants awarded each year by the Ministry of Education and Science.

These are awarded to university students who are resident in one of the Autonomous Communities and who also wish to study there, and to Spanish students who want to move to a different Community in order to continue their studies.
fletxa General Grants and Mobility Scholarships
fletxa Scholarships for first year university students

If you are a final-year student and you would like to take your first steps in research or gain some practical experience in a field related to your studies, you can apply for a scholarship to work with one of the university departments
fletxa Ministry of Education and Science Scholarships to work with a university department

The Ministry of Education also awards SENECA mobility grants as part of its university exchange program
Mobility Scholarships - Seneca

If you already have a degree, you are not entitled to apply for one of the above grants, but you can apply for an exemption from the surcharge that students with a higher degree should normally pay when registering for a university course.
Surcharge Exemption (40% of the cost of each credit) for graduates




Scholarships and grants for UB students

Student Internships

If you are a UB student you can work with one of the university’s own organizations or with an outside institution. This valuable personal experience allows you to gain useful training in your field of specialization while receiving an internship grant.
When applying you need to show that you fulfil certain general, as well as the more specific, requirements for each post.
Applications can be made in March and October (though places may become available at any time throughout the year).
The UB Faculties also offer Student Internships to their students.

Grants for specific activities

The University of Barcelona, together with a number of other institutions, offers a range of other scholarships and grants. These grants are usually for more specific activities depending on the awarding body.

fletxa Grants for attending summer university courses, exchange scholarships to study abroad, grants to help finance mobility programs

fletxa Grants for attending courses, seminars, or exchanges - organized by the University members of the Joan Lluís Vives Institute.

Other scholarships and grants

fletxa Grants for a range of different activities
The University of Barcelona together with other institutions awards various prizes
fletxa Research grants


Pre-doctorate scholarships

If you have graduated and would like to begin researching or teaching in your field, there are many different types of grant available for studying a taught doctorate or writing your doctoral thesis  
fletxa University teacher training scholarships — Ministry of Education and Science
fletxa University research training scholarships — Ministry of Education and Science
fletxa University research training scholarships — Catalan Government
fletxa Research and teacher training scholarships — University of Barcelona
fletxa Research training scholarships — University of Barcelona endorsed program


Scholarships awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

fletxa Ministry of Foreign Affairs, AECI, scholarships
fletxa Spanish International Aid Agency grants

























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