Research lines

Members of BIAP pursue six different lines of collaborative research that exploit synergies and complementarities among groups and members, which derive from the strong interconnection between the philosophical topics that they explore, and which members pursue accordingly in their work.

Research line 1: Logic, Philosohpy of Logic and Epistemology

Leader: Sven Rosenkranz

BIAP’s research in this field mainly focuses on five areas:

  • Fallibility, rational belief, and knowledge
  • The structure and grounds of justification
  • The nature of inexact knowledge
  • The role of higher-order evidence
  • The analysis of different types of semantic pathologies

Research line 2: Evidence and the Law

Leader: Jordi Ferrer

BIAP’s research in this field focuses on two major subjects:

  • Legal certainty
  • Errors in law

Research line 3: Philosophy of Science

Leader: José Antonio Díez

BIAP’s research in this field mainly focuses on five areas:

  • Explanation and representation
  • Scientific realism and objectivity
  • Chance and probability
  • Philosophy of physics
  • Philosophy of biology

Research line 4: Philosophy of Mind

Leader: Josefa Toribio

BIAP’s research in this field mainly focuses on six areas:

  • The metaphysics, epistemology, richness and content of perceptual experience
  • The psycho-semantics of imperative content
  • Social perception and social cognition
  • The nature and modulation of implicit biases and our responsibility for them
  • The notion of representation in cognitive science
  • Agency

Research line 5: Metaphysics, Language, and Philosophical Methodology

Leader: Manuel García-Carpintero

BIAP’s research in this field focuses on:

  • Understanding hybrid concepts, including: thick ethical concepts like courage, with descriptive and evaluative aspects.
  • Pejoratives, or slurs, used to express contempt regarding a group of people, and also to classify someone in that group
  • Affective attitudes, such as pain, aesthetic pleasure, anger, or contempt, which dispose their subjects to behave in Specific ways, but also represent the situations or conditions that prompt such dispositions to behaviour
  • Fictions which include assertions that also shape the character of the fictional world that the work presents for us to imagine
  • The self-concept, which represents oneself by relying on self-acquaintance or inner awareness

Research line 6: Politics and the Public Sphere

Leader: José Juan Moreso

BIAP’s research in this field mainly focuses on:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the social, economic and political changes brought about by globalization
  • Working towards a re-conceptualization of the philosophical foundations of legal and political practices
  • Making possible the reform and renewal of our social institutions