Management and conservation

Biodiversity conservation may be focused on three levels of action: species, habitats and the ecological processes. The conservation of threatened species cannot be considered separately from the conservation of the habitats in which they live or from the ecological processes of which they are part, whereas the simple conservation of the habitats does not guarantee by itself the conservation of the species that live there or of the ecological processes that take place there. The scientific research carried out in the framework of the ecology of populations and communities offers us rigorous information applicable to the management and conservation of species, habitats and processes. It informs us of the factors that determine the demographic evolution of a population (productivity, mortality and movements of individuals), the causes of mortality, the availability of food and the quality of their territories, or the most used areas and habitats.

Our participation in various conservation projects, in collaboration with public institutions responsible for the management of our natural heritage, companies, entities, private owners and other stakeholders, allows us to investigate what are the most appropriate measures to the problems that affect the threatened species, their territories and their habitats.

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