Factores influyentes en las citaciones en contabilidad: un análisis de la REFC

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The new Fuzzy SWOT: empirical application with expertons

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One Hundred Twenty-Five Years of the Journal of Political Economy: A Bibliometric Overview

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New aggregation operators for decision-making under uncertainty: an applications in selection of entrepreneurial opportunities

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Assessing Organizations’ Efficiency Adopting Complementary Perspectives: An Empirical Analysis Through Data Envelopment Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling, with an Application to Higher Education

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Showcase—”Believe in Diversity and Act Accordingly” Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Dialogue at BNP Paribas.

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Forgotten effects in exchange rate forecasting models

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Pichat’s algorithm for the sustainable regional analysismanagement: case study of Mexico

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Production system optimization using hierarchical planning

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Improving social dialogue: What employers expect from employee representatives

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Accrual management as an indication of money laundering through legally registered Mafia firms in Italy

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Urban food markets and their sustainability: the compatibility of traditional and tourist uses

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Innovation and Experimental Services: the role of multidisciplinary arts in creative gastronomy toward a research agenda

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Users of public sport centers: A segmentation approach on sport habits and satisfaction

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The influence of the trade-off between profitability and future increases in sales on cost stickiness

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A fuzzy approach to a municipality grouping model towards creation of synergies

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Analysis of the relationship between benefits and perceived costs and resident satisfaction with holding a sporting event: Mediating effect of perceived value

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Conflict Management

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Business, industrial marketing and uncertainty [Editorial]

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Constructive Conflict Management in Organizations: Taking Stock and looking forward.

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The Tree of Trust: Building and repairing trust in organizations.

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The state of art: Trust and conflict management in organizational industrial relations

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Employee representatives in European organizations

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Building Trust and Constructive Conflict Management in Organizations (introductory chapter)

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Building trust and constructive conflict management in organizations.

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The global management of creativity

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A bibliometric analysis of the publications of Ronald R. Yager

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La innovación como elemento estratégico en el desarrollode sistemas económicos-empresas

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Empresas familiares de América, Europa y Asia: una aproximación cuantitativa

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Multidimensional Positioning of a Set of European Smart Cities

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Decision-making in reinsurance with induced OWA operators and Minkowski distances

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Towards a competitiveness in the economic activity in Colombia: Using Moore’s families and Galois lattices in clustering

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Thirty years of the international journal of intelligent systems: a bibliometric review

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The interaction effects of firm and partner tenure on audit quality

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Productivity and environmental costs from intensification of farming. A panel data analysis across EU regions

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Fuzzy logic in the design of public policies: application of law

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Fuzzy decision making: A bibliometric-based review

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Expertons and uncertain averaging operators versus correlational approaches: A case study on corporate social responsibility and effectiveness

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A fuzzy methodology for innovation management measurement

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The influence of entrepreneurial orientation on the performance of academic research groups: The mediating role of knowledge sharing

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Open innovation in the food and beverage industry

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How do service quality, experiences and enduring involvement influence tourists´ behavior? an empirical study in the Picasso and Miró museums in Barcelona

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Do we really know the predictors of competence-creating R&D subsidiaries? Uncovering the mediation of dual network embeddedness

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Definition, sampling and results in business angels’ research: toward a consensus

Argerich, J.; Cruz-Cázares, C.

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