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Decision-making with distance measures and induced aggregation operators

We present a new decision-making approach that uses distance measures and induced aggregation operators. We introduce the induced ordered weighted averaging distance (IOWAD) operator, a new aggregation operator that extends the OWA operator by using distance measures and a reordering of the arguments that depends on order-inducing variables. The main advantage of the IOWAD is that it provides a parameterized family of distance aggregation operators between the maximum and the minimum distance based on a complex reordering process that reflects a complex attitudinal character of the decision-maker. We study some of its main properties and particular cases. We develop an application in a decision-making problem regarding the selection of investments. We see that the main advantage of this approach in decision-making is that it is able to provide a more complete picture of the decision process, so the decision-maker is able to select the alternative most in accordance with his interests.

Montserrat Casanovas Ramon

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