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Distance mesures with heavy aggregation operators

The use of distance measures and heavy aggregations in the ordered weighted averaging (OWA) operator is studied. We present the heavy ordered weighted averaging distance (HOWAD) operator. It is a new aggregation operator that provides a parameterized family of aggregation operators between the minimum distance and the total distance operator. Thus, it permits to analyze an aggregation from its usual average (normalized distance) to the sum of all distances available in the aggregation process. We analyze some of its main properties and particular cases such as the normalized Hamming distance, the weighted Hamming distance and the OWA distance (OWAD) operator. This approach is generalized by using quasi-arithmetic means obtaining the quasi-arithmetic HOWAD (Quasi-HOWAD) operator and with norms obtaining the heavy OWA norm (HOWAN). Further extensions to this approach are presented by using moving averages forming the moving HOWAD (HOWMAD) and the moving Quasi-HOWAN (Quasi-HOWMAN) operator. The applicability of the new approach is studied in a decision making model regarding the selection of national policies. We focus on the selection of monetary policies. The key advantage of this approach is that we can consider several sources of information that are independent between them.

Montserrat Casanovas Ramon

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