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Integration of management systems as an innovation: a proposal for a new model

The aim of this research is twofold: first, to classify the integration of management systems (MSs) as a type of innovation; and, second, to propose a model to analyze the relationship between the integration of MSs and the innovation management performance. Through a review of the literature, the integration of MSs, innovation management and previous relationships established between quality and total quality management and innovation are analyzed. The findings, although tentative, allow classifying the integration of MSs as a form of organizational and incremental innovation, which is initiated internally and which has an internal impact. Integration also adheres to three specific perspectives of innovations: institutional, cultural and rational. The results enable to propose a model to test empirically the impact of the integration of MSs into innovation management performance. Integration can be measured in terms of the strategy and the methodology adopted in the process, the maturity of the integrated MS and the organization’s motivation to integrate. Innovation management performance can be measured in terms of benefits obtained, capabilities development, improvement of efficiency and financial results. The present study is one of the first to identify integration as an organizational innovation and to relate it to innovation management performance.

Merce Bernardo

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