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La globalización como desencadenante de la transformación de las empresas del clúster textil-confección hacia el clúster textil-moda en Cataluña. Análisis del caso BASI

Economic globalization has generated major changes in the Spanish textile industry. In this article, the strategic shift undertaken by manufacturers of the knitwear cluster in Maresme (Barcelona) is analyzed from the perspective of the BASI study case. In particular, the impact of key internationalization factors on value capture and value creation as well as the reorientation of business models towards the fashion concept is examined. The results show that internationalization processes towards foreign markets, the offshoring of manufacturing activities and the reorientation of value chains to service activities such as commercialization and retail explain the dismantling of existing textile clusters and therefore the loss of traditional agglomeration advantages.

Fariza Achcaoucaou IallouchenPaloma Miravitlles Matamoros

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