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Linguistic Group Decision Making with Induced Aggregation Operators and Probabilistic Information

A new approach for linguistic group decision making by using probabilistic information and induced aggregation operators is presented. It is based on the induced linguistic probabilistic ordered weighted average (ILPOWA). It is an aggregation operator that uses probabilities and OWA operators in the same formulation considering the degree of importance that each concept has in the formulation. It uses complex attitudinal characters that can be assessed by using order inducing variables. Furthermore, it deals with an uncertain environment where the information cannot be studied in a numerical scale but it is possible to use linguistic variables. Several extensions to this approach are presented by using moving averages and Bonferroni means. The applicability of this approach is also studied with a focus on multi-criteria group decision making by using multi-person aggregation operators in order to deal with the opinion of several experts in the analysis. An illustrative example regarding importation strategies in the administration of a country is developed.

Montserrat Casanovas Ramon

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