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New aggregation operators for decision-making under uncertainty: an applications in selection of entrepreneurial opportunities

The main aim of this paper is to study how economic environment and logic reasoning guidance the decision-making process to start-up a new business by potential entrepreneurs. The study proposes a new method using the family of selection indices with OWA operator, which allows aggregating information according to the level of importance and their level of objectivity and subjectivity in the same formulation within the decision-making process. To develop case study, we have taken into account some industries of the sports sector and some critical environmental factors that influence the competitiveness and entrepreneurship in Colombia to start a new business. The results show in an orderly way all information aggregated, which can help potential investors and entrepreneurs to make a decision based on their preferences. Finally, the applicability of this method in real case can be given in aggregation different sources of information to help at dealing decision-making processes.

Anna Maria Gil Lafuente

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