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Satisfaction and Loyalty of tourists in a cross-border area

When tourism and border concepts are combined, many interests and unique relationships become evident, although the intersection has many facets: borders as barriers, as destinations, as modifiers of the tourism landscape, as attractions, impediments to travel, motivation for travel. In fact, research in cross-border areas has placed a greater emphasis on aspects such as governance, cooperation, perception of the border and the products purchased by day-trippers and tourists. Although several authors had researched on consumer behaviour, and more specifically in the loyalty regarding tourism destinations little evidence in studies of loyalty in cross-border destinations has been found. In this study, we propose a conceptual model to measure the perceived value, satisfaction and loyalty of tourists that are visiting a cross-border area in order to measure their willingness to recommend and their intention to revisit the cross-border area. Results will provide tools for managers in both sides of the border in order to improve satisfaction and behavioural intentions of those tourists that are visiting the cross-border destination.

Santiago Forgas Coll

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