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TQM, Innovation and the role of Cultural Change

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to better understand the influence of total quality management (TQM) practices on incremental and radical innovation, examining the role of diverse cultural change as a mediator, particularly in firms where ever‐increasing competitive pressure demands a combination of quality and innovation.

Research limitations/implications:The results reveal the power of cultural change to connect the diversity of the TQM practices and incremental and radical innovation. Further research is needed for a more comprehensive understanding of the role of cultural change in these relationships and to test the model in a longitudinal study.

Practical implications: Managers can use the potential inherent in TQM to stimulate a paradoxical cultural context that favours innovation. This is especially relevant for enhancing radical innovation.

Social implications: Given the extent to which TQM has been applied over the last 20 years, the social impact of this study is relevant, particularly in the current environment of economic crisis which calls for an increase in efficiency and innovation, adaptation and change.

Jaume Valls Pasola

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