february, 2020

12feb202015:00Conflict management: An overview and systematic bibliometric approach Ryan Armstrong & Patricia Elgoibar (Universitat de Barcelona)
Activity:Research seminar

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Room 1037, 690 Building

Conflicts are part of nature, and certainly part of human relations. People experience conflict with other persons, in teams or groups, as well as between larger entities, departments, organizations, communities, and countries. Conflicts appear at home, at work and in our spare activities with friends; with people we love and with people we hate, as well as with our superiors and with our subordinates and co-workers.  Parties need to accept conflicts as part of life dynamics and learn to deal with them effectively and efficiently. Conflict management refers to the way we manage incompatible actions with the other, being this other a person or a group (Elgoibar, Euwema and Munduate, 2017).

In this research seminar, we will present the key concepts of the research area, following a systematic bibliometric approach. These methods can be used to help researchs improve the transparency, credibilty, and inclusivity of their literature reviews. A discussion with the audience will follow the presentation.

Keywords: Conflict, Negotiation, bibliometric study, systematic reviews, organizational behavior


Ryan Armstrong & Patricia Elgoibar (Universitat de Barcelona)


(Wednesday) 15:00


Facultat d'Economia i Empresa

Diagonal 690


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