Leadership stage for UB Business Executive MBA studentsStudents of the Executive MBA at the Universitat de Barcelona Business School will leave their classrooms to take part in a dynamic workshop on leadership. During two intensive days, the group will meet in a hotel on the coast of Barcelona area on May 12th and 13th 2017. The workshop will offer practical training through games-based experiences, group dynamics, role-plays, practical cases, videos and multimedia contents. At the end of the stage, participants will have a better understanding of the difficulties of leadership in change management, one of the major challenges of the 21st century.

Victor M. Rodriguez Ardura will conduct this workshop entitled ‘Leadership in times of change and uncertainty’. Rodriguez Ardura is a consultant, specialised in Strategy, Performance Management, Coaching, Change Management, Management by Values, Organisational Development, Human Resources Strategy, Organisation and Processes and co-creation models. Moreover, he also gives training sessions and talks in numerous renowned business schools, including the UB Business School.

The ‘Learning by playing’ method, using games and experimentations as key strategic drivers for learning, will be at the heart of this whole stage. During this training session, the Executive MBA students will have a closer look at the challenges leaders have to face, the alignment of personal and organisational values, the typical characteristics of a transformational leader, the need to break established patterns to enter the learning zone and the phases of personal change, among other things.