The PhD graduate in Business of the UB Business School Dr. Binyamin Yusoff has been awarded the extraordinary doctoral prize for the academic year 2016-2017. The award ceremony took place in the Paranimph of the Historical Building of the University of Barcelona on April 9th 2019, hosted by Dr. Joan Elias, rector of the University of Barcelona.

Dr. Binyamin Yusoff defended his thesis Decision analysis, uncertainty theories and aggregation operators in financial selection problems on April 18th, 2017. His PhD advisors were David Ceballos Hornero from the University of Barcelona and José Maria Merigó Lindahl from the University of Chile.

The main purpose of the PhD thesis was the study of financial selection problems from the perspective of decision analysis, uncertainty theories and aggregation operators. The applicability and robustness of the developed models have been demonstrated. Thus, providing a more general and flexible models for a wider analysis of the decision problems.

When asked about the extraordinary doctoral prize, Dr. Binyamin Yusoff showed his gratitude for the PhD experience. He also thanked his advisors Dr. David Ceballos and Dr. Jose Merigó for the PhD journey. “Without their continuous guidance, support and enthusiasm this work would not have been possible” Dr. Binyamin Yusoff said.

“My gratitude also goes to all friends, academic and non-academic staffs at the Department of Economic, Financial and Actuarial Mathematics at the University of Barcelona for their kind help and support during my study. May this little contribution help to inspire other students and researchers to make the University of Barcelona one of the top higher institutions in the world”, he added.

Currently, Dr. Binyamin Yusoff is a lecturer in the School of Informatics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia.