Assessing Organizations’ Efficiency Adopting Complementary Perspectives: An Empirical Analysis Through Data Envelopment Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling, with an Application to Higher Education

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Assessing the asymmetric effects on branch rivalry of Spanish financial sector restructuring

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Asset Management

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Building trust and constructive conflict management in organizations.

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Conflict Management

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Considerations of Interactive Digital Television as Advertising Media

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Constructive Conflict Management in Organizations: Taking Stock and looking forward.

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Consumers’ Psychological outcomes linked to the use of an online store’s recommendation system

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Contabilidad social y medio ambiental: teoría y práctica

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Corporate social responsible costs in the environmental area

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Cost Stickiness revisited: empirical aplication for farms

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Cross-border tourists’ behavioral intentions: the Green Line of Nicosia, Cyprus

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Cross-cultural differences in the content and presentation of websites

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Cuba a la luz de la nueva ley de inversiones extranjeras: retos y oportunidades para la economía catalana

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Cuina de relacions. Anàlisi de la concentració geogràfica de restaurants amb estrelles Michelin a Catalunya

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Cultural compatibility in internal knowledge transfers: an application to hotel chain growth

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Customer loyalty programs to sustain consumer fidelity in mobile telecommunication market

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Customer’s perceptions of familiness in travel experiences

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Decision Making with Distance Measures and Linguistic Aggregation Operators

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Decision making with fuzzy induced heavy ordered weighted averaging operators

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Decision making with fuzzy induced heavy oriented weighted averaging opeartors

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Decision making with induced aggregation operators and the adequacy coefficient

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Decision making with the induced generalized adequacy coefficient

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Decision making with uncertain aggregation operators using the Dempster-Shafer belief structure

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Decision-making in Reinsurance with induced OWA operators and MinKowski Distance

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Decision-making in reinsurance with induced OWA operators and Minkowski distances

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Decision-making processes of non-life insurance pricing using fuzzy logic and OWA operators

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