Scopus, the largest database of citations and abstracts of scientific journals, books and conference proceedings, has accepted the inclusion of the ‘Journal of Evolutionary Studies in Business’. This is an interdisciplinary peer review journal, edited by the Universitat de Barcelona, specialized in original research, discussions, essays and reviews of literature about business in a dynamic, evolutionary perspective.

UB Business School researchers Paloma Fernández Pérez, Professor of Economic and Business History, and Jaume Valls-Pasola, Professor of Management are coeditors of the journal, while other members of the UB also participate in its editorial board.

The Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) of Scopus evaluated the content of the title and accepted the inclusion so, in a few weeks, the editorial board of the Universitat de Barcelona will be in touch with the team of Scopus to carry out the indexing process.

The Journal of Evolutionary Studies in Business encourages submissions that contribute to a better analysis and understanding of the diversity of processes that lead to change in entrepreneurship, business organization and strategy, in past and present times. For this reason, this journal has as a main target to offer high quality papers among the most outstanding topics as International Business, Creative Industries, Management Challenges, Urban Ecosystems of Innovation and Smart Cities, Business History, Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

The last volume of the journal has a special issue entirely focused on the mixed model of hospital services in Catalonia and their relevant changes since 1870 to 2010. Experts from the fields of medicine, nursing, economics, business and economic history are participating in that monographic, the first one written in English.