The PhD in Business programme at the UB Business School has been accredited with Excellence after an exhaustive and rigorous external evaluation by the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU). This achievement will contribute to the academic prestige of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the Universitat de Barcelona and will benefit our students in attaining their career goals.

This distinction recognises the quality of the programme, PhD advisors, the learning support system, the internal quality assurance system, public information and the programme outcomes. The assessment committee particularly highlighted:

  • The competence and dedication of the programme’s PhD advisors who are highly trained, perform relevant and solvent research, and are greatly valued by the PhD students.
  • The effort in boosting thesis co-direction between senior and junior researchers.
  • Access to financial aid and specific guidance on international activities.
  • The high rate of defended theses and derived publications.
  • The high rate of employability of the PhD graduates, as well as the general satisfaction expressed by the employment facilitator group.

Accreditation with Excellence is crucial for the UB Business School community, including students, lecturers, and researchers, key actors in this process thanks to their daily commitment to the programme.

Moreover, the PhD in Business is a unique programme within the Catalan university system aimed at any students seeking to embark on an international career in research in the area of business.